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hdrcFor businesses users, RAID (redundant array of independent or inexpensive disks) is a method of enhancing a computer server so that the programs and functions run smoothly and more quickly than before. RAID also creates copies of the data stored and read from the hard drives, allowing it to be treated as a data backup solution in the event of a hard drive crash or malfunction. RAID level 5 is the most commonly used level of RAID for businesses and requires a specialized computer technician to recover data. Software can be purchased that will attempt to reconfigure the RAID array and recover data but can actually cause further damage and render your data irretrievable. The best option is to call RAID data recovery specialists and allow them to recover your data, risk free.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is a data recovery company that is based online and is trusted by prestigious institutions and corporations with incredible sensitive data like the US State and Federal Government as well as US Military Organizations. With such an impressive list of clientele, the company is well reviewed for their expertise as well as their speed and efficiency. Their hard drive data recovery labs are operating 24/7 in order to meet customer satisfaction and complete orders as fast as possible. This means that in an emergency, your data can be recovered within 24 hours, sometimes overnight if the malfunction allows for a quick recovery. Data cannot be recovered overnight in all cases as the speed of the recovery not only depends on the speed of the technicians but also the complexity of the data loss situation.

Because of Hard Drive Recovery Group’s long relationship with many international shipping companies, packages from their company are handled quicker, allowing for a faster turnaround service. Expedited shipping takes less than 48 hours for long distances and complicated recoveries but simpler problems that are shipped from a closer proximity to a lab location can be completed overnight in some cases. Customers are so pleased with Hard Drive Recovery Group that the company is able to retain nearly all of their clientele as customers never need to turn to another company. Additionally, the majority of their new clients are referred by previous clients which attests to their high customer satisfaction.

Along with RAID 5, they recover all levels of RAID, all types of servers and hard drives including SNAP. Hard Drive Recovery Group are a suitable option for any type of business, large or small, no matter how the data was lost. They have been operating for nearly 20 years and have partnered with such computer technology manufacturers like Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP, Mac and more. More than 95% of data loss situations can be remedied by Hard Drive Recovery Group and it only takes a phone call or email to contact them, describe your problem and begin the data recovery process. Because the company understands the urgency of RAID server failure and the loss of productivity it drains from your business, they will begin to recover your data the minute your case file has been completed.

Hard Drive Recovery Group guarantees you the best price available although the fee is typically between $500.00 and $2500.00 depending on the process necessary. Accidental deletion is generally an easy and quick recovery that costs less than a data loss situation stemming from multiple hard drive crashes or failed RAID array. All evaluations and quotes are completely free, leaving absolutely no risk in contacting them with questions or inquiry. They offer a “No data, No charge” policy that guarantees if for any reason your data cannot be retrieved, you are not charged.

Multiple Disk Failure On A RAID

hdfoarSo, you have done everything you can to ensure your precious data cannot be lost. But then it happens, your RAID 5 array takes a swan dive, and it’s not just one disk, its two. Disk 1 is labeled as “missing” and disk 3 is labeled “degraded.” Is this the end for you? Thankfully it isn’t. There IS a solution. First, you must take a breath and stop freaking out. It is ok, I promise. Did you have a backup plan in place? If not, you can go back to freaking out. I am kidding. Read on.

The problem you are facing with a Raid 5 is a complex and difficult recovery because it is not supposed to face two disk failures at one time. Typically when one starts to go, it begins a chain of events where subsequent disks begin to show problems and you can anticipate failure, thus allowing you to get on top of it before it goes too far. Hard Drive Recovery Group specializes in recovering from multiple disk failures.

In this event, I would highly recommend employing a professional who is adequately equipped and educated to recover your RAID 5. Hopefully after reading this, you will upgrade your system to a Raid 6 to prevent this from happening in the future. But let’s tackle the problem you are having now. Your first and very best option is to restore from a backup. If you don’t have a backup, DO NOT TRY TO recover it yourself. While RAID 5 offers fault tolerance, it cannot replace a well-planned backup strategy.

If your data is priceless like I am assuming it is, your best option is to hire a professional to help you. But the question is who? Ideally you would find someone in your local area that offers professional services in an emergency. A quick internet search will yield what you are looking for.

Because a RAID 5 is one of the most popular Raid arrays, you are lucky that the resources are bountiful in your favor. If you need access your files immediately, find a professional with fast turnaround times to help you avoid downtime, productivity losses and other serious potential problems of your data being lost.

One of the major advantages of a RAID 5 is its distributed parity. However, after a hard drive failure, a RAID 5 needs to be entirely rebuilt, unfortunately. Some of the RAID 5 scenarios are:

  • Accidental Formatting or Re-initialization
  • Failure During RAID 5 Rebuild
  • Controller Failure
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures Past Point of Redundancy
  • Electronic Damage
  •    Accidental File Deletion
  • Parity Loss or Damage

When looking for a company to repair your RAID 5 array, I encourage you to find someone who will perform not only a free diagnosis, but ideally they would also offer a no fix, no pay guarantee. In essence, if they can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

If your RAID 5 array stops working or you cannot access your data, turn it off IMMEDIATELY. I cannot stress this to you enough. Over 50% of the companies that experienced a data loss went out of business within a year of the failure. Don’t take this risk. Don’t employ any data recovery software in this case.

It is my experience that if a RAID 5 array is shut down immediately upon failure, the chances of recovery are significantly improved. If you continue to operate a damaged RAID 5 array, you run a significant risk of accidental overwrites, parity loss and other problems that will increase the risk that your data CANNOT be recovered. So just say no. Let someone who knows what they are doing, do it for you. It will be worth every single penny you invest. Please be sure to check the company you choose online for reviews to see what others have experienced and the Better Business Bureau. I am certain you will find the right recovery company for you who will get you back up and running in no time.

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